INVITATION  |   open club  I  MONDAY July 25th. 2016  | at 7.30 pm
open club/ get together with Artist Susanne Kessler.

© S.Kessler | Installation „Mäander“ | 1550 x 950 x 950 cm  
Materialien: 7 Eisenringe, Bodenspiegel, unterschiedlichen Materialien
Ausstellungsort Dominohaus Reutlingen, Dominoart 2014

In frame of the exhibition ARCHITEKTONISCH talks the artist Susanne Kessler about her artistic work and presents the new published monograph "Framing Space".

The book is published in DISTANZ Verlag Berlin.

Framing Space
English / Italian / German
Verlag: Distanz Verlag Berlin
Authors: Achille Bonito Oliva, Johannes Nathan, Vincenzo Mazarella
ISBN: 978-3-95476-119-7
Book, Hardcover, 232 Seiten

Susanne Kessler  |

* OFFENER KÜNSTLER CLUB I open artists club
In addition to public discourse creates ACB an open informal Meeting place for all Kultur workers to present special projects to interested professional public and to provide discussion.